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Tupac – A great utility that completes Pacman (not only a famous rapper)

“A cached pacman implementatioin”

Pacman Description

Tupac (rapper) R.I.P.

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New Compiz-Fusion Plugins

New Compiz-Fusion Plugins

I’ve just updated compiz fusion (git) in the repo… You can install it from there adding this and then:

sudo pacman -S compiz-fusion-git

Gnome 2.22 Released


Let’s see how to install it on ArchLinux…

Update 10/04/2008

  • Gnome 2.22 in [extra]
  • Gnome 2.22.1 released

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Repository Updated —> 22/02/2008

I’ve updated (and added) some packets…

Current list is:

  • compiz-fusion-plugins-extra-git-20080222
  • compiz-fusion-plugins-main-git-20080222
  • compiz-git-20080222
  • compizconfig-python-git-20080222
  • emesene-svn-1069
  • fusion-icon-git-20080222
  • geany-svn-2275
  • gnome-mplayer-cvs-20080222
  • gtk-engines-svn-1096
  • libcompizconfig-git-20080222
  • libgpod-svn-1949
  • metacity-svn-3585
  • pidgin-msnp14-2.3.1-5
  • xcursor-oxygen-svn-628071-2
  • new-murrine-configurator-1.4-1

My ArchLinux Repository

Add it to your pacman.conf

  • sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf
  • append this to that file

Server =

I will try to update it as soon as possible at least 1 (and more) time(s) a week.

Reason: dialup connection

Packets updated at 19/02/2008:

  1. emesene-svn
  2. geany-svn
  3. gtk-engines-svn
  4. libgpod-svn
  5. metacity-svn
  6. xcursor-oxygen-svn
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