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Even more complicated for Ati…


Reading NVIDIA Provides Physics Technology For PLAYSTATION®3 I’ve just thinked about ported PC Games from PS3… And ATI Users… like me (for now :) )…

Is it just the begin of the end for Workstation Ati Graphic Cards?


Wall-e – A must see movie

In this movie are described things can really happen in the future… the aims of the machines vs the emotions of the humans



Mathematica Users Get 100x Performance Boost From NVIDIA CUDA

20-11-2008 0.24

I’m using it for an exam… and i’ve to say it’s very powerful… with a few commands you can do very complex calculations… And when there is hard work to do here Nvidia comes… with his CUDA… Mathematica will never be the same :D (it seems a spot for NVIDIA!)


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