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Engineering Windows 7 – Microsoft Blog Source

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Vista was (and will be for a few time) a forward step about security, but we’ve to say it was a back step about speed related to Windows Xp.

Microsoft with the new 7 will search for a new desktop experience providing better speeds for the main ui increasing productivity in every task.

Gaming first of all! :)…

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Even more standard with another collaboration… This time with Nintendo…



Finally Wired magazine in Italian

One of the most important magazine about technology and everything around is arrived in Italy… and it comes with an associated site.


Wall-e – A must see movie

In this movie are described things can really happen in the future… the aims of the machines vs the emotions of the humans



What Happens When Satellites Fall –

“The recent trials of an out-of-control communications satellite and a defunct, leaky Soviet-era spacecraft toting its own nuclear reactor call up the question: What exactly happens when satellites die in space?”


NASA Sees the ‘Dark Side’ of the Sun – Space@Nasa

“Today, NASA researchers announced an event that will transform our view of the Sun and, in the process, super-charge the field of solar physics for many years to come. “



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