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No Fglrx, No RadeonHd… Simply Ati-Dri

I’ve tried all of Linux ati driver alternatives… And I’ve never been so excited about performances and functionalities.

Especially with the Fglrx ones. One of the motivations that push me to find an alternative is with catalyst drivers (from ATI) you can’t change user without logging out from your account.

I was looking for something that was stable and in the same time allows me to use compiz.

So I’ve tried RadeonHd drivers… in every version… From the stable one to the git one.

Putting “radeonhd” in the xorg.conf after installing them you simply get a grey window and X restarts.

My start point is this:

Processor: Q8200 clocked to 2.92 Ghz

Video Card: Gainward HD4850 1Gb DDR3

So this is the problem… And this is the solution…

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It’s so useful (for me and i wish for you too), it earns a new post!


  • Do you had (and i think have now… if you hadn’t fix that) problems with nvidia drivers?
  • Do you have a new graphic card (from nvidia (8,9,GT200 series))?
  • 2d performance are so poor?
  • Especially, gtk performance are poor?

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Ati (fglrx) drivers 8.5 released (+) a workaround to delete “Ati – Testing use only” watermark


WorkAround to (A little watermark on the right lower corner —> “Ati – Testing use only”)

Open a terminal and:

  • sudo nano /eti/ati/signature
  • delete UNSIGNED
  • copy and paste this string into /etc/ati/signature
  • Reboot

Tupac – A great utility that completes Pacman (not only a famous rapper)

“A cached pacman implementatioin”

Pacman Description

Tupac (rapper) R.I.P.

(click on the numbers on the right to change pages)

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New Compiz-Fusion Plugins

New Compiz-Fusion Plugins

I’ve just updated compiz fusion (git) in the repo… You can install it from there adding this and then:

sudo pacman -S compiz-fusion-git

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