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Wall-e – A must see movie

In this movie are described things can really happen in the future… the aims of the machines vs the emotions of the humans



New iPods: libgpod & gtkpod

New iPods don’t like LINUX…



Because Apple wants to integrate more & more his iPods with iTunes and its services…

Everybody know that.

We understand apple don’t like us… An hash code to protect itunesdb is a bad thing… but we haveLIBGPOD & GTKPOD that ensure us a good handling of this (bad) player.

Everyday they update their svn repo with better and featurefull code.

So let’s see how to install them.

Update 17/03/2008

    • Changed direct link to compiled packages —-> repository link
    (click on the numbers on the right to change pages)

    Read More…

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