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Engineering Windows 7 – Microsoft Blog Source

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Vista was (and will be for a few time) a forward step about security, but we’ve to say it was a back step about speed related to Windows Xp.

Microsoft with the new 7 will search for a new desktop experience providing better speeds for the main ui increasing productivity in every task.

Gaming first of all! :)…

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Even more standard with another collaboration… This time with Nintendo…



Even more complicated for Ati…


Reading NVIDIA Provides Physics Technology For PLAYSTATION®3 I’ve just thinked about ported PC Games from PS3… And ATI Users… like me (for now :) )…

Is it just the begin of the end for Workstation Ati Graphic Cards?


Wall-e – A must see movie

In this movie are described things can really happen in the future… the aims of the machines vs the emotions of the humans



Corei7 could be very interesting… as motherboards will support it…

“provide support for up to six graphics cards, 24GB of DDR3-1333 RAM (or 6GB of DDR3-1900/2000 using overclocked 2GB DIMMs)”



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