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Even more complicated for Ati…


Reading NVIDIA Provides Physics Technology For PLAYSTATION┬«3 I’ve just thinked about ported PC Games from PS3… And ATI Users… like me (for now :) )…

Is it just the begin of the end for Workstation Ati Graphic Cards?



NASA Sees the ‘Dark Side’ of the Sun – Space@Nasa

“Today, NASA researchers announced an event that will transform our view of the Sun and, in the process, super-charge the field of solar physics for many years to come. “



Mathematica Users Get 100x Performance Boost From NVIDIA CUDA

20-11-2008 0.24

I’m using it for an exam… and i’ve to say it’s very powerful… with a few commands you can do very complex calculations… And when there is hard work to do here Nvidia comes… with his CUDA… Mathematica will never be the same :D (it seems a spot for NVIDIA!)


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