[Resolved] 177.98 Digital Vibrance Issue


177.98 has a know issue related to digital vibrance at 100% when you start Windows Xp.

A workaround to fix this one is to Use Rivatuner..


Selecting your monitor… Click on the second Customize button…


Now select Desktop and overlay color scheme


And now adjust your settings and click on “Apply this color schemes at Windows Startup”

Done. :)


12 responses to “[Resolved] 177.98 Digital Vibrance Issue”

  1. denze says :

    Much appreciated, this was driving me nuts

  2. bah says :

    Bah today new drivers were released 178.13’s but the digital vibrance problem still remains. Thank god for riva tuner

  3. urizen123 says :

    You sir, are a god among men.

    Thanks for the fix!

  4. mateo130 says :

    thank god! Digital vibrance is my favourite function! Makes the colors beautiful:)

  5. Sonny says :

    Didn’t work for me. Everytime I start windows NV control panel puts DV back up to 100% and rivatuner settings don’t stay

  6. Adam says :

    Great – thanks – good tip

  7. Danny Boy says :

    Thank the gods for third party GPU tools like Riva Tuner and nHancer!!!

  8. mike says :

    doesnt work, digital vibrance option doesnt even show up on my rivatuner..

  9. Kunha says :

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  10. vasiilla says :

    More from this category

  11. valera says :

    Thank you author

  12. nil says :

    Top wo nerae! 2 –

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