Gtk-Engines Benchmarks 2 – “The Update”

Static page (I’ve not updated benchmarks):


8 responses to “Gtk-Engines Benchmarks 2 – “The Update””

  1. gianvito says :

    I’ve modified a little my pc… Adding 1 gb of RAM and changing my videocard

    with a Nvidia GeForce 9600gt…

    After installing a brand new ARCHLINUX… I’ve updated all with “pacman -Syu” and i’ve installed

    new proprietary Nvidia drivers…

    We’ve to say… Geforce 9 series… Is not really good supported on linux… I mean it’s slower

    in 2d than my older 7600gt…

    Surely cause there are a lot of hardware changes… (like unified-shader architecture).

    I’ve read on some forums the same Nvidia Engineers admit there are not so few problems with new

    geforces. They say there are long architectural misses to be fixed in the linux driver.

    However this will be the machine where i’ll bench some new gtk engines…

  2. gianvito says :

    Port updated… See page 3

  3. Ignacio Galmarino says :

    i see the fastest is bluecurve …. i want to give it a try …

    How do you install bluecurve on archlinux ????


  4. gianvito says :

    Hi Ignacio,
    To install bluecurve just type a command in the terminal:

    yaourt -S gtk-bluecurve-engine

    Or you can install it by PKGBUILD
    download it here:

    Extract it
    and then cd to the directory you’ve created… once done… type in the terminal:
    makepkg -Si

    Done :)

  5. stasya says :

    Thank you author

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