Gnome 2.22 Released


Let’s see how to install it on ArchLinux…

Update 10/04/2008

  • Gnome 2.22 in [extra]
  • Gnome 2.22.1 released

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4 responses to “Gnome 2.22 Released”

  1. Prakash says :

    YES!waiting eagerly!too n00bish to try GARNOME or jhbuild :D :D

  2. archer123 says :

    thanks very much I was dying finding it, ;<) I knew someone had a repo.. tried site without luck

  3. Andrea "Cimi" Cimitan says :

    2.22 is in testing, I’ve closed my repository

  4. gianvito says :

    Ok… thank you :)

    Post updated

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