Amarok – A Superb media player


ArchLinux Installation:

1. Pacman

sudo pacman -Sy amarok-base postgresql




I used (and I continue to use) postgresql to manage my collection cause it’s faster than SQLite.

1. Installation

sudo pacman -Sy postgresql

sudo /etc/rc.d/postgresql start

and then we have to add postgresql to /etc/rc.conf to start it at boot time

Example (DEAMONS line in /etc/rc.conf):

DAEMONS=(syslog-ng network netfs crond dbus hal wicd alsa postgresql gdm)

After installation a new user called postgres will be created.

2. Configuration

Surely there is all written on the amarokwiki but i’ll describe passages i’ve made too.

  • become root —> su and then type your root password
  • su – postgres
  • createuser -P (your user)
  • now go to your user and type createdb amarokdb

Now open your amarok… go to Settings —> Configure Amarok —> Collection

And type your user and password in the Collection Database section after you’ve selected Postgresql leaving the rest as it is.

Now restart Amarok and BUILD YOUR COLLECTION ;)



PS. If you want to syncronize your ipod with amarok you’ve to recompile it (./configure –enable-postgresql —> make —-> sudo make install after downloaded source package) with new libgpod from svn (I’ll update libgpod post soon… adding how to configure the ipod itself(fwid)).

If you’ve some requests or some informations that can be useful… just comment it ;)


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