Firefox 3… Latest Beta & Nightly builds

Firefox 3 will be a great release… especially for one thing all linux users want… OS INTEGRATION


This doesn’t want to be a minimization of what firefox changed inside (and surely will change)… But at a first look… it seems that we (linux users) won’t have to use workarounds to get our favourite browser more pleasant to see.

Update 02/04/2008

  • Added Firefox 3 with system cairo

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25 responses to “Firefox 3… Latest Beta & Nightly builds”

  1. ethana2 says :

    pass acid3, include SCIM and proper multi language support, and this will be the perfect browser.

    Thanks for the link. I will now likely start using the latest nightlies ;)

  2. gothmog.todi says :

    Firefox 3.0b3 is in [unstable] (it’s called firefox3), so there’s no need to build it yourself :)

  3. gianvito says :

    np :)

    Thank you for information… I forgot to add it to the post :D

    “Post updated”

  4. 123 says :

    hi there found a small typo error:
    …seems that we (linux users) will haven’t to use workarounds …

    should read:

    …seems that we (linux users) won’t have to use workarounds …

  5. gianvito says :

    Ok tnx :)
    Post updated

  6. gothmog.todi says :

    Talking about Add-on compatibility: The Nightly Tester Tools provide a nice way to make extensions compatible with mozilla beta/nightly versions.

  7. 123 says :

    I ‘ve updated to beta 5 seems that since beta 4 firefox, leaves all the others eating dust.
    It does surprise that FF still can beat webkit.

  8. gianvito says :

    Ok Tnx! ;)… Post updated with your informations.

  9. gianvito says :

    Tnx for link! :)… Post reupdated!.

    Hovewer Good to know it.
    At this point (but i believe it even before) mozilla developers are doing a great job… I’m even more sure this will be a release that will give us a killer browser!
    Look at Safari… In this SunSpider javascript Benchmark it’s more than twice slower than firefox!
    Internet Explorer is really out! (Internet Explorer 7: 72375.0ms >>>> Firefox 3 Nightly (PGO Optimized): 7263.8ms)

  10. bob says :

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