Tango Generator – Create a new tango icon theme

Tango generator is a great script…

It uses this different icon themes to create a new one:

  • Collected Application Icons
  • Custom Application Icons
  • Upstream GPL
  • Custom Mime Types
  • Sane Emblems
  • Gnome
  • Tango
  • Tango Common
  • Gtk Stock Icons
  • Tango Unabashed
  • Tangerine
  • Gion
  • Foxtrot
  • Old Tango
  • Industrial
  • Gnome Alternatives
  • Foglie
  • Dark Media
  • Tango Materia Red
  • Tango Materia Green
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Mist
  • Si
  • Crux

This is the last Changelog:
3.2.3: Fixed bug occuring due to missing archives. Added download timeout. Added more application icons. Updated icon themes (notably Discovery). Improved icon coverage.

Some Links:

My Current Screen (with customized tango theme (by tango generator)):

ArchLinux installation:

3 ways to install it:

1. AUR:

  • get the tarball Tango Geneator
  • extract it to a folder
  • cd to the folder
  • makepkg -i

2. Yaourt

yaourt -Sy tango-generator

3. Manual Installation (best thing) (All distributions)

  • get it from here
  • extract it to a folder
  • cd to the folder
  • open a terminal (it’s important to see if something goes wrong)
  • python tango-generator

After verified all dependencies are well satisfied…

Go Forward… Load a configuration file (Download compressed zip file from here):

and now see if loading bar go to the end after downloading all icons.

If something goes wrong… see on terminal if there is a timeout error…

If it is so… reopen tango-generator and uncheck Discovery (It gives me timeout)…

Retry… if there is same error… try to delete links related to timeout in this file:


and retry still you have no errors (because all remaining links are up).

Good Luck! :)

PS: If you had other solutions to the tango-generator script problems… just comment it and i’ll add them to the post.



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One response to “Tango Generator – Create a new tango icon theme”

  1. dashua says :

    “sudo python setup.py install” worked better for Ubuntu 8.04. Great app. Thx.

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