Kernel 2.6.24 with Zen patchset

Zen sources is a branch of “linux26 git sources” (the original linux sources)


zen sources

It’s aim is to be “A stable and featurefull kernel patchset.”
as there is written on the official thread on “GENTOO FORUMS”

I use it in the last month and i have to say it’s very stable and fast thanks to his custom configuration panel in the “make (x)gconfig” window… Sometimes there are problems related to compilation process but i have to say that they’re soon fixed in the git repository after a few hours.

Some links:




Installation on Archlinux:

1. Create a folder in the home called for example “kernel” (example)

2. Open terminal and enter this

git clone git://

3. Wait (it’s about 370 mbs)

4. Now create these 2 files in zen-sources folder or download them from here:

PKGBUILD kernel264.install



pkgdesc=”The Linux Kernel and modules”
build() {
# build!
cd ..
make || return 1
mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/{lib/modules,boot}
make INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$startdir/pkg modules_install || return 1
cp $startdir/pkg/boot/System.map264zen
cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage $startdir/pkg/boot/vmlinuz264zen
install -D -m644 .config $startdir/pkg/boot/kconfig264zen
# set correct depmod command for install
sed -i -e “s/KERNEL_VERSION=.*/KERNEL_VERSION=${_kernver}/g” $startdir/kernel264.install




post_install () {
echo “>>> Updating module dependencies. Please wait …”
/sbin/depmod -A -v $KERNEL_VERSION > /dev/null 2>&1

post_upgrade() {
echo “>>> Updating module dependencies. Please wait …”
/sbin/depmod -A -v $KERNEL_VERSION > /dev/null 2>&1


$op $*


5. Configure kernel with make gconfig (GNOME) or make xconfig (KDE) or make menuconfig (ALL)

6. type makepkg -i on a terminal opened in the zen folder

7. Wait

8. When it’s over type sudo pacman -Su kernel264zen-2.6.24zen-1-i686.pkg.tar.gz

9. Type ls /lib/modules

10. After that we have to create kernel264zen.img with mkinitcpio with this command:

sudo mkinitcpio -g /boot/kernel264zen.img -k (here we have to copy the folder’s name related to our kernel)

11. Add new kernel entry in /boot/grub/menu.lst (if you have grub)

12. Enjoy new zen kernel.

If you want to update it…

just type git pull in the terminal after changed directory to the zen’s one. and repeat points from 6.

Remember to reinstall video-card driver everytime you update kernel

(Update on furester advice)

Alternative ways:

If you don’t want to compile everytime your zen sources:

1. Yaourt

yaourt -S kernel26zen-git

2. Using a repository

And precisely… pierluigi’s one

  • Add to your /etc/pacman.conf


Server =

  • type pacman -Sy kernel26zen-git to install it

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6 responses to “Kernel 2.6.24 with Zen patchset”

  1. furester says :

    If you want you can also run

    yaourt -S kernel26zen-git

    and yaourt do all stuff for you: there is a PKGBUILD in aur, or you can add pierluigi‘s repo to your pacman.conf and then run

    pacman -Sy kernel26zen-git

    in this two way you don’t need to create the kernel image by hand anymore.

  2. gianvito says :

    ok… added it to post… tnx

  3. uastasi says :

    Does it contain powertop patches yet?
    Anyway.. nice guide man!

  4. gianvito says :

    Thanks :)
    However I don’t have a laptop but i think there is no patches for powertop because there is no trace of it in the documentation

  5. Twilight says :

    Thank you. I am planning to give it a try in my very favorite arch installation through yaourt and AUR.

    I dont know since I noticed there are some packages in AUR for this “zen” kernel, is it necessary to use those packages for example ndiswrapper26-zen or It is possible to continue using the official packages?

  6. gianvito says :

    Every package that needs a module compiled with your kernel (if it’s zen) must be “*-zen”. You can choose a manual installation (compiling a module for your custom kernel) or an installation with prebuilt zen packages which usually are with the prebuilt kernel… Like in the pierluigi’s repository… there are many packages (like ndiswrapper26-zen) related to his custom zen kernel that you can install normally with pacman (without compiling them).

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