Today i want to talk you about an interesting clipboard manager for GNOME.


How many “right and copy” have you done in a day… Glipper collects them for you.

So if you want to go back to your previous “copy” with glipper you can

So let’s see how to install it on archlinux

It’s so simple… If you have Community repo enabled… open a terminal and write

sudo pacman -Sy glipper (or only -S if you don’t want to update your repos)

Then click with the right mouse button on the panel and click on Add to panel…

So select Clipboard Manager and add it

Use it. :)


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4 responses to “Glipper”

  1. Prakash says :

    ermm..nice!remember klipper is there in kde :-|

  2. gianvito says :

    Tnx :)
    However Klipper is for Kde… Glipper is for Gnome

  3. Michel says :

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  4. Deanne says :

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