Now we talk about emesene… A really interesting MSN MESSENGER clone.


In the last revisions… Has been introduced “Send File Support”

Even if this support is still a little bugged (as all software at all)… it’s a good thing… and now we haven’t to change to another messeger client to send files

ArchLinux installation:

If we want to checkout everyday developers work… we can use PKGBUILD on aur related to emesene-svn (if we use archlinux)

PKGBUILD is available here

Same operation everytime

1. Extract tarball

2. Open terminal in the folder with PKGBUILD

3. write makepkg -i and then press enter

or we can install it with YAOURT:

yaourt -S emesene-svn

If you have another distribution then checkout from svn with this command:

  • cd emesene
  • ./configure –prefix=/usr
  • make
  • sudo make install

For update:

  • svn up (in the folder)

Enjoy emesene


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