Compiz-git and ArchLinux

Archlinux is a really fast distribution…


A way to get compiz taken from git available on your distribution is to get PKGBUILDs from AUR or use yaourt

It’s simple… If you are sure to have 3d acceleration activated on your machine get tarballs from this links and save them in a folder…

  1. libcompizconfig-git
  2. compiz-bcop-git
  3. fusion-icon-git
  4. compizconfig-backend-gconf-git
  5. compizconfig-python-git
  6. compiz-git
  7. compiz-fusion-plugins-main-git
  8. compiz-fusion-plugins-extra-git

        After that extract them with “tar xvjf …” (of if you’ve gnome select all folders and press right mouse button and click on extract them)now enter in every folder you’ve created and open a terminal

        and write makepkg -i


        and then press enter

        Repeat this for every folder… (NOTE: this will ask you pass during process)

        then open fusion-icon pressing Alt+F2 and writing fusion-icon (or Applications -> System Tools -> Fusion icon)


        … and if you want add it to the sessions which will open on startup.

        Now click on the fusion-icon icon… with the right mouse button… select window manager and press on compiz

        if you want to handle effects and other things or if you simply want to open a compiz manager…

        Go to System —> Preferences —> CompizConfig Settings Manager

        good compiz :D


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